Contextual substitution not working in InDesign

I’m running into the same problem that I had a month ago.
I have created a contextual substitution rule called calt to replace the w with w.alt following r.
This works fine in Glyphs, but not in InDesign. The rule is called calt. I exported the font to Library Application Support Adobe Fonts and restarted Adobe Creative Cloud afterward.

  1. You don’t need to restart.
  2. Contextual alternates are a feature, not a rule. Rules don’t have names.
  3. Are you sure contextual alternates are on in InDesign?
  4. Did you check feature order? Perhaps the context or the source glyphs for the substitution have been substituted by a prior feature.

And always make sure Indesign loads the latest version. I usually move one node by 100 units and export. That has to show of immediately.
And can you post a screenshot of the feature?

Hello, Georg and Rainer,

My apologies; I meant feature. I verified that contextual alternates are on in InDesign. This started working after I exported my font as a ttf file. Last night, I forgot to check ttf.

Later, I will replace the list of open glyphs with a class, as that will be easier to maintain.

Thanks, and Happy New Year!

CFF or TTF should not make a difference.

Could it be the r before is an r.alt? Then it cannot work. Because the two .alt letters (r and x) in the contextual group have yet to be substituted. Move the two lines (rules) for r and x to the top of the feature and put it inside a lookup. If you like, together with the short rule at the top.

And move calt after aalt. aalt is expected to be the first GSUB feature IIRC.

I’m having this problem only with final alternates. I have created a font with contextual alternates, as i found on your website.
Initial, Medial and Isolated works fine, instead Final forms always remains medial.
Why? What am I doing it wrong?
Here I post my screenshoot.

Thank you in advance for your help.

And here you can see that indesign, final form are not working.

Which composer are you using?