Conversion from TTF to OTF

Hello, hello,

I was wondering, is there is a way to use a variable ttf file to generate an otf file from a specific variant point?

For example, we would send the coordinate on the weight and optical size axis to a script and it will catch the specific location and generate the specific font in otf.

Thank you very much in advance,

You can do this with Font Gauntlet.

But why do you need to convert to OTF? A TTF static instance should work just as well.

Hello Jens,

Actually, we are trying to generate an otf, woff, woff2 and ttf from any kind of file that would make it possible (.glyphs, .ttf, etc) on the server. It would be for a website, which would have sliders with the axis as values. Then once the values decided and set, we would like to generate otf, woff and woff2 from the server.

Do you have any idea which tool would be the best for that?

There is a Python FontTools Snippet to convert OTF to TTF. It should work similarly in the opposite direction.

To ask again. Are you sure you need an .otf (OpenType with PostScript/CFF outlines) and not an .ttf (OpenType with TrueType outlines)?

I would like to be able to generate any kind of font (otf, ttf, woff and woff2) on a server side. However, in order to keep the generated instance as clean as possible, I am wondering what source file would be the best.
From a glyphs 2 file? From a glyphs 3 file? Some other file?