Convert a logo in true type font

I’m new on Glyphs. I’d like to convert a logo in true type font. How can I do?

This is how you import vectors from Illustrator:
Is that what you need?

I have an image (a logo) and I’d like to insert it in a new font (by means of Glyphs) which I can use in every text editor like it was a letter of this new font. Is it possible? And which steps I have to follow? (I have the image in Photoshop or Illustrator vers)

Yes, it can be done with the Illustrator file.

Please click at the link I posted above to see how to get your vectors from Illustrator to Glyphs.

I tried but i doesn’t work here. I select the image in Illustrator, copy it, then in Glyphs I select i.e. “A” box and make paste… and nothing happens…

Is it a vector image?
If not, you need to trace it first in AI.

Also, it won’t work in the Font tab, only in an Edit tab. So, you need to double click the A in order to work on paths.

Ok thanks