Convert bitmap pixel font to component based

I have a bitmap pixel font (made in BitFonter), now the need arose to modify the look of the actual single pixels and turn them to different shapes. Is there a way to convert it automatically somehow, without redrawing everything with a pixel component?

Pfff, not that I’d know. I would try to see if there is a converter out there that converts your format to TTF or CFF, and open that in Glyphs, and take it from there.

Then you can use some of the mekkablue scripts for Pixelfonts to turn the pixels into components, etc…

You mean this script?

Actually BitFonter has an option to export outlines with pixels as primitives, which looks very promising, I just can’t get it to work with neither FontLab 5 nor VI…

For instance, this script, but there are others as well in the same subfolder.

What is the suffix of the created bitmap font?

I have the BitFonter source, so I have various export options. I got the .vfb export working, of course the cryptic option was hidden in a submenu. I will have to experiment with the settings, there are minor accuracy issues, and then I will try the scripts. Thanks! :slight_smile: