Convert family (with stencil version) to variable font

Hi guys!
I’m in the process of making a font family to work as a variable font. Basically, I have the standard family and a stencil version of it. I wonder if it’s possible to have it in the same file since I can’t really interpolate the stencil with the normal one.


It is possible if you make the outlines compatible. But this would probably mean having to do weird things such as cut segments into seperate pieces.

If you have a regular family and a stencil family, they are not going to be compatible. Best solution is then to keep the weights of the regular family and the weights of the stencil family in two separate files.

I see…
I was thinking if it would be possible to use some sort of boolean to make it work but you’re right, probably 2 separate files are the way to go.

Thanks @RobertJanes @FredrikHemsen !

Technically it would be possible but the current tools are not made for this and it would probably confuse the user.

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