Convert metrics keys to proper values


I have a file where a lot of the glyphs have Metrics in the form of

==C(50) G ==C+10(60)

Is there a way to simplify this to

50 G 60 ?

I’m always having trouble with files that define their metrics that way and it always leads to problems for me that have to be sorted out before I can start with the production process.
Since glyphs already knows the flat values I’m looking for, there surely is a way to change all the ==C+10 to something less confusing?

What troubles are you having with the formulas?

Does mekkablue’s Remove Metrics Keys script do this?

What troubles are you having with the formulas?

Mostly this:
Metrics expression error ‘Unexpected operator “==” found at position 1’ in recipe ‘-==V’ in LSB of ‘W’ (‘Regular’ layer)

This always just comes up in the mastering and production process. I think the Keys are fine while designing, but prone to errors when actually preparing and producing binaries.

Does mekkablue’s Remove Metrics Keys script do this?

It looks like it does, I didn’t find it earlier, thanks :slight_smile:

-==V is indeed not right. It doesn’t make sense. And if used without modification, you could probably skip the double underscores (those are there to be able to have the metrics keys per master to do something like ==V+10 in one master and ==V+20 in the other. If you just like to link to the “V”, use only V.

That is what I thought.
But since it’s not my file I can’t really change the way the metrics keys are used.
Therefore I wanted a quick solution to turn everything to numeric values.

It’s probably fine if everything happens inside glyphs, but for production I usually run a UFO based workflow and then it’s easier to have oldschool numbers.

ufos mostly don’t support metrics keys, so they should not interfere.

You don’t need to “convert” them, just remove the metrics keys, then it will show the plain side-bearings numbers.

By “convert” I meant remove them, but in all glyphs and as quick as possible.
I was just looking for a way to adjust a clients file to my production workflow and since I rarely get glyphs files I just didn’t know how the script was called :slight_smile: