Converting to linked sidebearings

Glyph’s linked sidebearings model is powerful. Has anyone developed a script to convert a normally-set font’s sidebearings into a linked system?

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If someone follows Walter Tracy method, that would be a start point. Andres Torresi should have some expertise on that



I mean something more simple; if 5 glyphs have identical lsb, pick one as the parent and make the others children.

Per Tracey method perhaps some defaults can be defined for which should be parent by default.

Also its easy to say, for all selected glyphs make their l/r sidebearings equal to a given glyph plus or minus whatever is needed to keep them the same

Sounds interesting and easy to do. But which one should it pick? Probably there are more than 5 candidates, and for the sake of clean, durable files you might not want to end up with a /questiondown when you could have an /o, just because they happen to have the the same LSB. (just a random example).