Copied layer does not return correct bounds

It seems GSLayer.copy() and .copyDecomposedLayer() both return (0,0),(0,0) when I ask for their bounds. Could this be fixed?

You need to set the parent. Otherwise components and corners can’t work.
For the decomposedLayer it could work but in general I think it is better to give no result than a potentially wrong one.

And why don’t you use the bounds from the original layer?

Ah ok, I’ll set the parent then (GSGlyph?).

I’m asking because I want to do stuff first and then take the bounds measurement. The stuff I do are free of components of any kind (I decompose first or know in advance that it only contains paths).

Set the copy.parent = layer.parent

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You can use


That computes the bounds based on the node positions. That means you need proper extreme points to give correct results. But it doesn’t requires the parent.

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