Copy and paste font info metrics from one font to another not possible?

font 2 delete all metrics
font 1 copy metrics from master 1
font 2 paste metrics to master 1

font 1 copy metrics from master 2
font 2 paste metrics to master2

master 1 looks like this

and master 2 like this

  • Did font 1 have the duplicate entries already?
  • What happens if you don’t start off with deleting the metrics in font 2?

sorry wrong image. No duplicates. And not deleting makes no difference.

I am starting with

font 1:

font 2:

pasting a standard record like “Ascender” always creates a new one. No matter, if it is selected or not…

but pasting a custom record replaces the values…

I fixed the duplication of the default metrics. Many thanks for finding and reporting this.

I fear, this has found its way back in to the version 3.1.2 (3151)
Also after copying, the page begans to flicker for a while and everything gets veeery slow (deleting, copying)