Copy and Paste from Illustrator

I’m very new to font design and am currently creating a handwritten font. I have been using a Wacom tablet and Adobe Illustrator to draw my characters, and then pasting them into Glyphs.

Everything has been working smoothly until I recently ran into a problem. I set up a new master for a bold style and attempted to design my bold characters by simply copying the regular character from Glyphs and pasting it back into Illustrator, and in Illustrator changing the point of the stroke to make the character thicker. It works, however when I try to copy the now thicker character form Illustrator back into Glyphs, it pastes just as thin as the original.

Is the problem with Illustrator? Is there a way I can get the thicker character to paste back into glyphs as it appears in illustrator?

You just changed the stroke thickness in AI. There is no such thing as stroke in digital type design. Either apply the stroke and turn it into pure outline, or, better yet, make it thicker directly in Glyphs with Filter > Offset Curve.

Single strokes in adobe illustrator will always show as a single line unless you draw them as double for placing inside glypsapp.

mekkablue said there is no such thing as a stroke in digital type design but Filter > Offset Paths will help even myself to redraw letterforms inside the glyphs software.



One feature request regarding Filter> Offset Paths can the floating window be made always viewable after applying any values as it disappears after use.


Filter dialogs are not floating. Cmd-R will re-invoke the last filter.

What do you want to keep it open for?