Copy glyph, paste as text in text editor?

Is it possible to do this? I think I did it once upon a time but I can’t remember how.

Try it, yes.

If it has a Unicode, it will paste the character. If it does not, it will paste the slash-escaped glyph name.

I mean the content of the entire buffer, the whole glyph. The complete data.

What parts of the glyph do you want? Selecting shapes in Edit View and copying allows pasting as SVG (in 3.2).

There are also other formats written to the clipboard, including the .glyphs-format representation and PDF:

So it depends on how you want to access this data and which values should be included and how.


Excellent. It must have been the SVG output I had seen before, but Clipboard Viewer looks like a very useful utility, but where do I find it? I have Xcode install but Quicklook on ‘Clipboard Viewer’ gives me nothing.

Clipboard Viewer is a sample code project from Apple:

There is a more user-friendly app with the same spirit, but it sadly hides some of the clipboard entries:

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I had to give up on both. Nevermind.

What use case did you have in mind? Maybe this is something that can be solved by a script.

I just wanted to compare the data of one glyph (that Glyphs throws an error on when generating VF-TTFs) to an earlier version that did not cause problems.

I’d save both fonts as glyphspackage format and compare the two glyph files (under FontName.glyphspackage/glyphs.

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