Copy glyphs from one font to another

Hi everyone
I have two questions:

Holding option while pasting will allow you to paste into selected glyphs with three different options. But Glyphs does not offer a paste command as complex as FontLab’s “Paste Special”.

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Select some glyphs in one font and copy them and then paste in the target font.

Glyphs will never overwrite existing glyphs but appends a number to the glyph name. If you like to replace glyphs, either remove them first or use the cmd+opt+V command.

Thank you very much!
It was so easy!

Sorry to bump this rather old thread, but the function to paste glyphs into another font seems to be broken in the most recent Glyphs 1.4.5 (614).

Even though I have removed the old glyphs first, saved the file under a new name and then pasted the glyphs from another font, open Editing Tabs still show the old glyphs, which can be modified, but do not show up in the Font Overview.

This appears to still be a problem. I just tried erasing the glyphs from one font and copy them from another font into it, resulting in the old glyphs being there again. The Glyphs Version is 2.0.1 (727).