Copy Glyphs-text into InDesign?

Hello: I want to create a side with InDesign, presenting all the characters from a GLYPHS file. But: How do I convert text like this, so I can copy/paste it into ID?

You can copy paste from the edit view directly. If you have a list of names, copy it into a Text editor that supports System Services. Glyphs provides on that can convert from names to unicode:

Thanks! It works for some of the characters, but not for those: /dotlessi.alt/iacute.alt/ibreve.alt/icircumflex.alt/idieresis.alt/igrave.alt/ij.alt/imacron.alt/iogonek.alt/itilde.alt/j.alt/jcircumflex.alt/i.latn_TRK.alt/m.alt/n.alt/nacute.alt/napostrophe.alt//b.ss01/h.ss01/hcircumflex.ss01/l.ss01/lacute.ss01 (etc) …

Glyphs without unicode can’t be copied to Indesign. The copy paste format for styled text is not documented so I can’t use the base glyph plus a substitution. There are inducing scripts that add all glyphs from a font to the current textbook. Those usually use the glyph index.


Tosche has a good script that I use for a workaround, Export InDesign Tagged Text