Copy glyphs to a document


I used this script to generate boxes. It puts new glyphs into the document. So I created two new documents, and run the script with parameters for Light weight in one document, and with parameters for Bold weight in the second.

So how to put these glyphs into my 2-master file? When I copy paste, it works for first master, but how can I copy glyphs to Bold master? I don’t want to open each glyphs, select all, copy and then paste into the Bold.
Is there a script for this? Something like mekkablue’s Fill up Empty Masters but with a source from another document.


I believe you should be able to use Edit > Paste Special (Option-Command-V). One of the options on the pop-up window should be paste into current layer only.

[ Note that this might be broken in the beta 1.3.19b14a (483). At least, I was having trouble and reported the issue. ]

Yes. It works! Great. Thanks.

The paste special should work.

I just forked the boxDrawing script (available at:

I fixed most “issues” with Glyphs and improved compatibility. Please also update the RoboFab scripts (, from

Now the script draws into the currently selected Master.