Copy Layer to Layer in 2.0

I’ve been happily using Copy Layer to Layer in 1.4, but it won’t run in 2.0. I get this error:

Processing uni1F04
object of type ‘NoneType’ has no len()

There is no result…

The script works for me in G2/Yosemite.
Try deleting these two files:
~/Library/Applications Support/Glyphs/Scripts/
~/Library/Applications Support/Glyphs/Scripts/GlyphApp.pyc
Then restart the app. Glyphs will replace them with new ones.

I don’t seem to have either of those files present. I wonder if my installation is incomplete?

Are you sure have the latest G2 beta?

No! not sure if I do. How do we update?

Glyphs > Preferences > Updates:

  1. Make sure Cutting Edge is on.
  2. Update. (Or better yet, auto-update.)

Current version should be 640.

Seems to have worked! Thanks.

Sorry, this seems to only be partially working. The metrics of the one master are not copied to the second master, and the metrics that appear seem random. This may be related to my other question about metrics being copied over.

The script has never copied metrics, only paths and optionally components and anchors. But I can add the option.

This would be very handy. I have generics (math and scientific symbols) that I need in all 3 masters and I can’t figure out a way to get the same outlines and metrics to be copied from one to the others. This is a case where nothing will change between the masters, so I’ll just want everything duplicated including components, anchors, etc.

New version is in my GitHub repository, it has a new Metrics option. While I was at it, I fixed a few smaller bugs and added script preferences: It now also copies the connection type of the node (green/blue) and stores its settings. So when you run the script again, it remembers your last choices.