Copy metrics and anchor positions from first master to other masters

I’ve drawn, spaced, kerned, and added anchors for mark attachment to my light master… I used “Duplicate Selected” to create a bold master that keeps all the work I did with the light.

As I’m “nudging” the outlines in the bold master, I’m wondering if there’s a way to copy the metrics (side bearings) and anchor positions—since they moved—from the first master (then I’ll batch process the metrics to make the spacing tighter and tweak as needed)?

For example: my light “a” has a LSB of 100, but my bold has a LSB of 50 after I nudged the outlines. I’d like to copy the light LSB for this glyph and all other glyphs as needed to the bold.

Also, if I tweak the kerning later in either master, does it apply to both masters since the second is a duplicate of the first?

This is my first multi-master font and I’m trying to be efficient in the time-consuming process. Maybe I’m cutting corners and I just have to completely re-space the bold master?


I don’t really understand what you are trying to do. All I can say is that you probably need to define the spacing for the Bold master manually.

Thanks… sorry for any confusion, just trying to figure out the process.

Basically, I’m wondering if there’s a script or parameter to copy the side bearing metrics and/or anchor positions from the light master and paste them to the bold master (so light and bold metrics are exact same)… then I’ll tighten the spacing and tweak for the bold.

If I’m going in circles, feel free to disregard. And I’ll define it all manually, like you said.

You can do that (with Paste Special) but you have to adjust it away, so skip the copying step.