Copy & Paste Handle Values

In cases you want precise coordination between handle values I find the current workflow unnecessarily complicated. Right now in order to do this you need : 1)select a handle, 2) go to the appropriate value field, 3) click it 4) copy it, 5) select another handle, 6) go to the appropriate value field, 7) click it and finally 8) paste it. 8 steps that each drain extra energy for navigation and orientation on your screen.

I would much rather like to 1) select a handle press Cmd+C to copy the length, 2) select another handle and press Cmd+V to paste it.

*Please note that Cmd+C, Cmd+V are already imprinted on most users, so they spend no effort in doing so.

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What are you trying to achieve? Can you show an actual example? It seems likely that there are simpler ways already.

Simply a quick and dirty way to copy and paste handle values without having to look around the interface.

I’d copy & paste the right segment in this case, or the entire half. Besides, you can just copy & paste the length value in the info box (look out where the transformation origin is).

Are you aware of Fit Curve?

@Tosche - All good methods, but they will take a bit longer and are somewhat different from simple C&P.

@mekkablue - Yes, Fit Curve is currently the only way to achieve something like this with speed. Not really identical to the proposed use case.

Not identical, but that’s not necessary. What counts is the result. And if you can achieve it quicker and more consistent with the current implementation, I don’t see a good reason to change it. What you propose should therefore not be implemented in the app, but written as a Python script.

Both of my suggestions are copying and pasting. Why are they different from the original, let alone from your copy & paste?

@Toshe - It is entirely possible that I didn’t understand the method you proposed completely.
Navigating through the info box and finding the right box to input the value is extra work the way I see it.

@mekkablue - I definitely agree that the result is of primal importance, but also the process.

Although FitCurve is nice tool and it has its uses, it is somewhat tough in the sense that you have to remember, which button you clicked every time, so as to replicate it on another curve segment.

Needless to say it uses percentages and if you find a value you like you cannot simply estimate which button to choose from fit curve on the fly (you will probably need to transfer the value to percentages and then to figure out where that button is). On the other hand you can work directly in percentages (with FitCurve) and write and delete values over and over until you find the value you are looking for (57-80 is a good starting range, but it is not applicable to all situations).

Does this makes sense to you guys?

I don’t really mind current UI of fit curve, but I think an interface with two sliders and “Repeat” button would be nicer.

If you want to keep the same curvature in all segments, you also have an option to nudge-move a segment (assuming you create all segments from one source).

Anyway, I show you three solutions to copying the handle value (copying quarter, half, or typing numbers), all of which make identical shapes.

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It doesn’t make sense to me. You simply select handles from opposite segments, hold down Ctrl and Opt, and press the numbers 1 through 8 until you are happy with what you see. Nothing beats this in speed. You do not get to see the unit length of the handles, but from what I see here, I do not see why these measurements would matter in the first place.

@Tosche - Thank you for taking the time to make this screencast. It is definitely much faster workflow than what I have been doing in Glyphs so far. Cheers

I didn’t know there was a shortcut for that.

In a sense that you have a completely free range and you don’t have to remember what you chose last time, this kind of interface may be friendlier (maybe not for you, but it can be a great alternate to some other people).

It’s awkward that you’re doing what you could do with actual bezier curve with sliders, but its strength is that it remembers the value. Maybe it’s a good script idea, a script that remembers the handle ratio of a selected segment and applies it elsewhere.

@Realist No problem!

I wrote a script.
Paste into your script folder.

Select a Handle → Copy Handle Properties → select destination handle → Paste Handle Properties. Add shortcuts in System Prefrences / Keyboard / Shortcuts.

Not perfect but it does the job.

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