Copy Unicode numbers

Hi, I’m trying to copy Unicode numbers for make a list in a text file. I remember that I have used the Mekkablue’s «Copy Unicode-Sorted Glyph Name List» script in an opportunity, I think it does not work now, is there any new way to do it?

Thanks in advance

The script works fine. But it does not give you a list of Unicode values. Rather, a list of glyph names. For the values, you can convert the names with one of the Services that come with Glyphs. Or you write a simple script.

Perfect, I thought I had done that before, my mistake. Thanks for the reply mekkablue, I’ll try the service by the moment.

Just in case:

myGlyphs = Glyphs.font.glyphs
for number in myGlyphs:
    print number.unicode