Copy uppercase letters as lowercase inclusive spacing and kerning

My font has only uppercase letters. How can I get the same glyphs with spacing and kerning for the lowercase?

There was a script in Georg’s github repository that’s called Make Unicase font. I’m not sure if it was adapted for Glyphs 3 yet
Make Unicase Font

Just remove all lowercase letters. Then select the uppercase and run "Glyphs > Update Glyphs Info. The uppercase will get the unicode of the lowercase and thous function as both. No copying needed.


I recommend the Creating an All-Caps Font tutorial.

Double unicodes are great and functional. But when Im trying to upload font to myfonts page, their automatic check says the lowercase letters are missing (it cant identify double unicodes). so the question remains: is there any easy way how to copy capitals also with kerning classes and sb into lowercase positions? Thanks for reply!

Please write to the myfonts support and tell them to fix the validator. Don’t make a bad font just because of a bug.

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I did, you are right.