Copying Image from Foreground to Background Position lost

I have an image position:
-24509, -11341
and when I copy then paste in background the x rests to 0

This is still an issue, it seems number larger than a certain point don’t get remembered, they also don’t get saved!

You are right. Values bigger than 20000 are ignored. This is a safety measure to avoid elements to fare away, I increased the value to 30000. That will only give you a little more room. Maybe you should slice your image?

Thanks Georg! I’d also suggest that when the left metrics change in the foreground, the background image also follows along, makes sense like how the background layer all round moves along too.

This kind of thing is why I’d like Glyphs to have big drawing boards that aren’t actually part of the font.

Still having the issue of images diasppearing… the position is -20036, -2509 should work right?
Version 2.5.2 (1172)