Copying kerning values from existing characters to new characters

Hello! I’ve read the articles and forum discussion on kerning and I know that the best way to sync kerning values among variants of a particular character is to use kerning groups. So if I have R and Racute in my font, I can give them the same kerning group and use the lock and their values will be synced.

But I’m working on adding new glyphs to an old font (adding a few diacritics that I hadn’t included before) and I want to copy the values from, let’s say, R and Racute to Rgrave (just making things up here). But if I add the new Rgrave character and then assign it to the R kerning group, it doesn’t inherit the kerning values.

Is there a way to force it to? Or a way to copy the values from R to Rgrave? I really don’t want to go through and add kerning values on by one!


I guess another way to ask the same or a similar question is what is the best thing to do when you didn’t start out with kerning classes set for a particular character and then you realize you want that character to have all the same kerning values as another character that is already kerned?

You still should use kerning classes.
You need to add the kerning groups to all "R"s. And close the lock on all of them. Then it should work.