Copyright ownership of GSUB or fpgm/prep tables?

(Asking for a client for whom I’m consulting):

If I own complete copyright over a font, and I use to add some TT hinting or some OT features, and export a TTF file, what is the legal status of the TT hinting and the OT layout code that is part of the TTF?

Does Glyphs GmbH retain copyright over any portions of the exported fonts? For example of the fpgm or prep tables, or of the GSUB tables?

Or does transfer the copyright to me? Or does grant me some license? Or is the code copyright-free or public domain?

I couldn’t find anything on that topic in the Glyphs EULA.

That is a good question. We will write something down to clarify this.


Is there an update on this or place to find the answer/writeup?