Corner Alignment in Latest Glyphs 3 (3064)

What is the latest proper way to ensure corner component alignment in italic fonts?

I‘ve reopened a WIP file after 2 weeks and downloaded the latest cutting-edge (hoping it would fix the autohint crash on export problem) only to find all corner components misaligned.

Having to go through the entire file to change the alignment settings only to have it changed again is incredibly frustrating. I beg you to make a documentation on using left/right/origin anchors in the corner/cap components that we should adhere to.

Minimal file with H attached (the background decomposed shape is the intended design).


Corner Alignment Test.glyphs (7.6 KB)

Hmm, after some more trial and error, it seems the best alignment is actually with the left/right/origin anchors deleted. Is that the best way forward?

I hope I fixed it. The new version is already up.

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Thank you Georg for fixing it so quickly.

Still, AFAIK there is no tutorial on how to construct corner/cap components in italic fonts using anchors, so I think that would be very valuable.

The basic idea for corners is that you build a triangle with the left > origin > right anchors that is mapped to the triangle of the paths. So if you know that your corner will be attached to a acute or blunt corner, you can pre-transform your corner to match that.