Corner Component for Slant/Italic Serif & Stroke

I’m trying to use 2 types of corner components for my backslant and running into issues.

  1. How do I set up a backslant entry/exit stroke component?
    Currently, I attached it to the bottom right point of my n. The “right” anchor is top left, “origin” right below, “left” just to the left of origin.
  1. How do I set up a backslant serif stroke that’s at an angle?
    Is the issue anchor point placement? Currently, “left” is top, “origin” right below it, “right” just to the right of origin.

What happens if you move the two anchors in at the baseline in the corner glyph to the right?

Fixed it! Aligned origin point to left on the italic angle. The other issue was I was using the same serif component for both sides, that’s why the angles are symmetrical.

Thanks for your help!

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