Corner component question

I’m having trouble understanding the orientation of corner components. I want to roughly follow the red line in picture 1, but the bottom/top of the drawn component is attached to my letter exactly the other way around than I would expect.

How do I draw the component in picture 2, and what is needed in addition to the ‘origin’ anchor to get it to work?

The character g, with a red line where I want the component:

The component I made with one anchor ‘origin’, but top and bottom are reversed when I place it in the character.

There are some details on which anchors to place in this thread:

Otherwise Running Reset Anchors adds some more anchors you can play around with.

To understand the direction of the corners, think of it in the direction of the path your stick the corner in. The path comes in from below on the blue shape. And that is where the corner will get in with the starting point of the corner. So, if the corner should be shaped like it is drawn, you need to change the path direction.