Corner component scaling

I want to ask if it is considered intentional behaviour for a corner components in form of a left and right serif being scaled when manipulating the distance between the nodes in font info?
In other words, when I’m changing the width of the letter in Info panel, components that are connected to the two nodes get scaled accordingly to the scale %. I didn’t notice this at first and some of my letters got messed up because of this and now I have to individually check the components, or copy them again, just to be sure that they are at 100%.

Thank you for your time and explanation.

When you scale the full glyph, all corners are scaled to keep a uniform shape.

Feels like that should happen for cap components but not corner components to me.

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Yes, that was my initial thought too.
Although I understand the argument of keeping the uniformity of a shape, I rarely scale a letter in locked values, that means the components gets scaled with different values too. Would be nice to have a option for locking components.

I rarely scale the whole glyph as it changes the stems. If that is a multiple master setup, try the RMX tools.

And if you select the nodes and use the transform panel to scale, the corners should be left alone.

The issue with using transformation panel is that I don’t get control over the exact number. In the info panel i can enter the exact measurements and I don’t have to think about it. I usually highlight two points, look if the number is the same as the predefined metrics, if not I just correct it. I can’t do that in any other way if I’m not mistaken.

Trying to open this topic again.
I’m still not convinced that this should be the correct behavior when scaling the distances between points in info window.
Is it possible to at least momentarily disable this feature? It is quite frustrating to work with it on.

Thank you.

Hello, still experiencing issues with this. Can I just ask if this is the intended functionality or are you planning to do anything about this? Thank you.

Fixed it.

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