Corner components and interpolation

I’m having some trouble using corner components on a 2-masters setup. Usually the interpolation works fine, but sometimes the components are messed up on intermediate instances.

I’m using the same corner component everywhere and I’m applying 100%/-100% transformations to flip it where necessary. Am I doing this wrong?

Glyphs 2.2.1 (819) & Mac OS X 10.11.1

<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/e/e0e90cf1a704f248d251b367b12e2edde61c78b6.png" width=“398” height="500”>

I couldn’t add a second image to the original post, so here is the problematic glyph:

The layer just needs to be activated to update the position. This can happen after correcting path direction or resetting start points. Simply open the layer in question (Cmd + number of the master), and either wait for a second, or click in the canvas once.

If the preview doesn’t update, perhaps switch to the next glyph and back.

If that doesn’t help either, send me the glyph, and I’ll have a look if there is something else fishy.

I’ve tried your suggestions, but no deal. I have just sent you the file.


I have seen this in a different case.

Take a LC n for example:
Layer set up - brace trick for bold weights:
Resulting Interpolation:
On the condensed versions, the bold gets a very weird corner, even though the set up is all ok.
The corners there are rounded but very small, even though the ones before the bold have the proper corners.

I have tried many things, from repasting the corners, changing their size through % and back but no luck still.

Can you send me the file via DM?

I have got the same problem here. The corners are not interpolated correctly, they are either too short or missing completely. Any hints on what I did wrong?

It seems to be something wrong with the path direction or structure. I would need to have a look at the file to see whats going on. Could you send it (to support at this domain)?

I’m working on this project that include the use of _corner.components. I have a trouble with the interpolated instances.
I think that the problem could be that glyphs is ignoring the mirroring corners on interpolated instances.
Why not happen the same in the letters “i” or “l”?
Cheers, Edu

Did you check the scalings in each Master?
Perhaps, send us the file.

I am seeing funny things like this when I use brace layers and corners or caps. In the final exported fonts everything is fine, though.

Mekka, I sent the file at support.

The exported font have the same problem.

What version do you have?

Version 2.3b (870) / Capitan 10.11.2 (15C50)

Can you send the file again. I didn’t received it.

Just sent a mail.

I fixed it. The problem was that you have manual postscript hints and they causes a confusion (the corners are implemented as hints, internally).

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Thanks Georg.