Corner components and UFO

When I export my font file to UFO, the corner components aren’t exporting. I need these to remain as components when I re-import the UFO.

Smart components, corner components and white self inflections are currently not compatible with ufo.

What do you need the ufos for?

As our team expands additional specialists are using UFO, so integrating UFO into the work flow is becoming ever more important to us.

I plan to add an option to export production ready UFOs that will bake in stuff like corner components and white self-inflection. That will make the UFOs look as expected but will make round tripping difficult as you will lose all dynamic behavior.

that would be useful Georg, thanks.

Hi Georg, did you get round to making an option to export production ready UFOs? It would still be very useful, or a script that decomposes all corners across a MM file.

is it possible to decompose all corner components easily?

You can write a script that does this. The layer has a function decomposeCorners().

thanks Georg, remove overlap is working.

Do we have any news on this topic? I’m having the same problem and the script that @mekkablue wrote is not working right in all Glyphs (sometimes it inverts the corner side).

That is fixed in the next version.

ok @GeorgSeifert, I’m using Version 2.4.2 (1060) and when I export an UFO I lost all the smart corners, am I doing something wrong?

Upcoming version. A few days patience, please.

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uhu! <3