Corner components diagonal stems

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While I’ve read the tutorial about corner components and how to apply them I thought I knew how to deal with diagonal stems in order to make it smooth using the alignment buttons however I’m facing a problem with these cases. As you can see in the screenshots, none of the three alignment options is working for me in order to make the transition smooth because it is either going under the baseline or making a curve inside the stem. Did someone face this problem before? Does someone know how to solve this? I’m adapting the corner path but it doesn’t solve the situation.


Consider adding a left and/or right anchor to the _corner glyph, and experiment with their position. See the tutorial for details.

The anchors should not be needed.

The problem is that lower handle (the one with the red dot in the last screenshot) is not bend enough and thous is poking inside the shape. The curve seems to be smooth but is bend inwards a little. Try to make the lower handle shorter.

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You are right, Georg. However, this is affecting how the “serif” is looking in straight stems. I’ve tried also anchors like @mekkablue suggests but it is not working properly. Any other advice?


You might need another corner for the angled stems.