Corrupted file won't open


I work on a Glyphs file which is located on my SSD to be able to work from multiple computers.
Yesterday I saved my file (at least i think i did) and ejected my SSD from my macbook to go back home with it.
When I came back this morning and tried to open it the following message appears : The file appears damaged, incomplete, or in an unexpected format.

I looked for topics to solve that but I didn’t find anything other than using FontLab, that I don’t have, to try opening it.

What could I do to get back my font ? My last backup is pretty much behind…

This won’t be much help directly, but please look into Git and the glyphspackage file format in order to work with a version history and from multiple computers.
See here for more information: Looking for git guidance

Is your file a .glyphs file? Can you open it in a text editor?

Can you send me the file in a private message? I will have a look if it can be repaired.

Thanks, I will report back with what I was able to recover.

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I just send you the restored file in a private message.

The first part of the file is sadly gone, there is just random noise until the Ograve glyph. Probably a problem with writing to the SSD. The remaining capital letters, lowercase letter, figures, symbols, and punctuation glyphs could be restored. However, the first part of the file also includes metadata like the font name or any custom font parameters, which I could not restore.

If you still have an older version, you could copy the initial capital letters (A–O) and the font metadata from the old font to the restored font. Let me know if you need help with that.