Could anyone help me to ignore a substitution

Could anyone help me to ignore syntax, please.
I want to keep this line substitution sub halant-oriya ssa-oriya by ssa-oriya.below; but if it is followed by ka-oriya glyphs it should ignore.

This is my attempt to ignore syntax.
ignore sub ka-oriya' halant-oriya' ssa-oriya';

Only mark the substitution that would have occurred in your ignore statement.

In your ignore statement you have ka-oriya preceding halant-oriya and ssa-oriya. If this is indeed what you want (rather than following) you want this:

ignore sub ka-oriya halant-oriya' ssa-oriya';
sub halant-oriya' ssa-oriya' by ssa-oriya.below;

If you want ka-oriya to follow, then you need this:

ignore sub halant-oriya' ssa-oriya' ka-oriya;
sub halant-oriya' ssa-oriya' by ssa-oriya.below;

I think…

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Actually what is happening that, when I substitute sub halant-oriya ssa-oriya by ssa-oriya.below; it works fine there is also a conjunct of sub ka-oriya halant-oriya ssa-oriya by ka_ssa-oriya ; which also works fine except if it followed by iMatra-oriya.

Ex -
ka-oriya halant-oriya ssa-oriya iMatra-oriya

Here primary substitution should be ignore which is sub halant-oriya ssa-oriya by ssa-oriya.below;

I can recommend using the Hibizcus app to see how the glyph run is computed. It can be very helpful
There is also a video presentation about it

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yes i am using the same app it is very helpful. Btw still didnt work how to ignore substitution can you tell me in simple how to ignore substitution and what is ’ quotation how to works.

Have you had a look in the Noto Oriya? You can download it (it’s a Glyphs file) and have a look at the OT features.

In the blwf feature the Noto people do it as such:

script ory2;
ignore sub halant-oriya' [ka-oriya kha-oriya ga-oriya gha-oriya nga-oriya ca-oriya cha-oriya ja-oriya jha-oriya tta-oriya ttha-oriya dda-oriya ddha-oriya nna-oriya ta-oriya tha-oriya da-oriya dha-oriya na-oriya pa-oriya pha-oriya ba-oriya bha-oriya ma-oriya ya-oriya ra-oriya la-oriya lla-oriya va-oriya sha-oriya ssa-oriya sa-oriya ha-oriya]' [uMatra-oriya uuMatra-oriya rVocalicMatra-oriya rrVocalicMatra-oriya lVocalicMatra-oriya llVocalicMatra-oriya];
sub halant-oriya ka-oriya by ka-oriya.below;

Is this what you are looking for?

Have a look at the document here:

It is an introduction to this type of feature code, including the single quote (') and the ignore rules.

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