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In the attached image, I intend my final output to look like the right side. I’m wondering if there’s a way to achieve this using Glyphs?

Basically, I need my counter to be a fill as well. Color font? Not sure.

Any suggestions?

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That is tricky. If you need it to be a regular font and the inner shapes to be transparent, then you need to add a lot alternate glyphs that cut out the portion of the following glyph. Or you build a color font with black and white colors for the stroke and the fill. That is usually drawn from left to right so each glyph draw on top of the previous.

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Yeah the only way I can think of is to make cut-out alternates for all cases. The cases could be simplified more easily in Latin though. And for this overlapping, you perhaps don’t need to consider lc-UC cases.

(I’ve written a script for Japanese, which generated 84*84=7056 for hiragana alone. But it was totally doable)

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Ahh, I used the Latin as an example. I intend to do this for Odia which will result in too many alternate glyphs.

I was hoping I could simply have the inner shapes filled.

A color font could be a solution, black background, white filling. Still, the color font formats come with certain disadvantages.

The problem is: Filled by what? White? The background of the text box?

@martinplus @GeorgSeifert I understand what you guys are saying and I think that there really isn’t a straightforward solution to this (as of now).

Here’s the result when it comes to a color font trial (doesn’t exactly work)

@GeorgSeifert I know this may not be a good solution, but at first I’d tried to copy paste the same counter shape on top of an existing counter shape and reverse contour. Ofcourse that didn’t work, I don’t know what made me think that would work :skull:

Thanks for the help!

I made a very simple test font with a field shape and an outline, only one glyph:

You need to replace the blue with a color you like, of cause. The black outline will be drawn in the color the user set for the text.

This works! But I’m a bit confused about how to do this.

Would it be okay for you to send me this test file? Thanks in advance!

Have a look at this tutorial: Creating a Microsoft Color Font (CPAL/COLR) | Glyphs

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Thank you @GeorgSeifert

To set the default color (the one with the * in my screenshot) you need the latest cutting edge version (activate it in Preferences > Updates).

Okay I will try this.