Counterspace error. Help needed

Counterspace error. Help needed.

I’m trying to use a path to create a specific inline detail. As you can see in this ‘F’, I want the inline mark to run to the end. But unfortunately the ends don’t quite line up, like this: Preview here:

Any suggestions?

I want to avoid characters with tails (see here hanging out the end of the letters. I know I could take them into illustrator and use the pathfinder option, but I would prefer to keep them within the Glyphs app.

You need to remove overlap and remove the leftovers manually.

Georg Seifert
Ok. Is there a pathfinder function within Glyphs?

In your case, I would select one corner point of the fat letter, and shift-select the equivalent corner point of the thin letter, then choose Reconnect nodes from the context menu. And likewise with the other corner points.

It is called Remove Overlap (in Filters).

Great! Thanks so much.