Countours & MyFonts

I have a problem with the font validator MyFonts

. How do I check every glyph path that is not clockwise?

There’s a mekkablue script called New Tab with Path Problems.

I already used the script and the script reported there were no problems with the path. but why does the error still occur when uploading to the font MyFonts validator. Am I missing something?

Do they tell you the glyph that cause the problem?

No, they only tell as in the screenshot above. it makes me confuse.

Could you ask them to give more details?

My inappropriate comment on that:

The myFonts validator is crap. Doesn’t allow other stylelinking than regular<->bold, can’t proper handle super-families, if something is invalid you may have to resubmit typeface as a new project again.
Might spot bad production mistakes but no help for professionals.

So problem might be in the service not in glyphsapp.

You can try to use this:

and see if it reports the same problem.

can you explain what that means? Is E4100 a Unicode code that has problems?

That is the ID of the test. You can ignore this. On that point, the validator is outdated.

It’s happening a similar problem with me. Did you find a solution?
In my case, it’s just the yellow warning, ( “Yellow warnings will not prevent your fonts from being submitted”).

I’m pretty sure everything is fine. Still, I would like to know where might be the problem.
@GeorgSeifert Does this ‘Font Validator’ still work?

I get this error every time:

You can submit requests and bug reports for Font Validator here:

That error might be caused by the Mac wrappper. Can you post a screenshot of the settings you used? And what version of Font Validation and MacOS do you have?

I used the link you posted here some time ago. It seems to be 2.1.1.
I just updated, but the problem remains.

Which settings? Do you mean this?

As indicated in the reply you got, perhaps try to restart the app with an English number locale.

It worked fine when I restarted my Macbook in English. Thanks for the tip @mekkablue.

Btw, since I use Glyphs, do you know what might be creating this error?

You can ignore those. Fontvalidator is not up to date with the latest openType spec.

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Halo, Has this script been deleted? I can’t find it.

I merged it with a few other scripts and it is now called Path Problem Finder.

You need to be patient because it has some performance issues when the tab it opens contains a lot of glyphs.