Crash custom parameter TTFStems

Glyphs 2.5b crashes when I try to activate a custom parameter TTFStems. Is it only me or is it a bug?

It is a bug. I can reproduce it.

Still crashing (latest cutting edge 1071)

Can you try again. It works for me. It crashed in Apples code so it might have been a glitch. If it still crashes, could you send me your file?

cazy, but it works now. Although I get an error message that there is a problem with the TTFStems parameter in the master. I’ll send you my file via email.

Never mind. Seems that there should be in every master same number of TTFstems!?

Autohinting doesn’t seem to work. And sometimes there are glitches in the red preview outline, but it gets corrected when I step a glyph back and forth.

Is the “Show Preview Address…” working? Doesn’t work for me when I paste in the URL.

The preview address works mostly. There are some network configurations that give the wrong address. If it is not correct, you need to go to System Preferences > Network and get the current IP address from the active network interface (the one with the green dot). Then use that with :8082 added.