Crash in Adobe illustrator

Hi All,
I have an crash on my Adobe illustrator 2020
When I go to Glyph panel to interest any ornament
This is happened when I’m add bismillah-ar glyph in my new font

I have already problem with bismillah-Ar glyph and I resolve it with custom parameter
So any advice for my crash with Adobe illustrator ?

The glyph might be too big. There is a certain limit on the maximum coordinates.

You should send a bug report to Adobe. Even if the font might be broken, an app should not crash.

And why do you need that glyph? It looks like you could get the same result when typing the individual lettered?

To get around the width limit, split it into two (or more) glyphs and some feature code. Make sure you have a smaller version of bismillah.

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The glyph is used as complex ligature in arabic typesetting. Some users may require it. In fonts designed for books and calligraphic heading we need this kind of ligature/words/sentences to be prensent in the font’s char map to avoid using multiple fonts in the same document (imagine a book with hundreds of pages)

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It’s very important George for the Arabic users, thanks any way for your support, I’ll try to find solutions to resolve this issue.

I understand that you need that glyph. But if it is too big as in this case split it in two (or more) pieces and add this to your ccmp feature:

sub bismillah-ar by bismillah-ar.001 bismillah-ar.002 bismillah-ar.003;

And if the design is similar to what you get when you type it out, decompose it to the actual “characters” and let the rest of the shaping take place.

The bismillah-ar glyph might be empty as it is never seen.


Hi George
Sorry for the delay, I’ll try your advice tomorrow
Thank you for your support