Crash on exporting TTF


Glyphs crashes during export when “Save as TTF” is selected. It crashes always.

How can I generate TTF files?

What version?
Can you send me the .glyphs file?

Version 1.3.24 (517)

File sent.

I’m getting the same problem when exporting TTF. No error message, it just crashes. Was this bug fixed? I’m on 2.0.1 beta 752.

Did you send a crash report?

Strangely, it didn’t open a crash report window so I didn’t get the option to.

EDIT: whoops, found it under lots of other windows. Sending now.

Any update on this? It’s really a problem not to be able to export a TTF.

can you try the most recent beta (760)?

Still not exporting TTF. It makes ten error noises while in progress trying to export, and then glyphs exits, but no error message (I have eight instances) and no TTFs get made.

I found that if I deactivate the non-master instances they export ok, though there’s still a bunch of error noises (no message). So maybe I have something that’s not fully compatible that’s not being flagged? Or something else?

can you send me the .glyphs file?

Sorry, NDAs. I’ll see what I can do.