Crash Version 2.5b (1119) Re-Interpolate

Glyphs crashes whenever I try to re-interpolate this:


Are you sending the crash reports?

Yep all of them with descriptions! :slight_smile:

Can you try removing and reinserting the corner components, in both masters? Or in one master and then run the Propagate script from my repo.

Didn’t work. Is there any confirmation after using the script?

In the Macro Window.

Could you send me the .glyphs file?


Thanks for the file. I fixed the problem.

One thing you can do is to mirror serifs. So you dont need the _corner.topleft just use the _corner.leftSerif. Hit the flip button the transform panel to adjust the direction. And I only use the later in the uppercase i, instead of the _cap....

Nice! Thanks!

I know that. I’ve started using corners and caps in an early stage, before I knew that. I need to clean my files and implement what I know now. I’ve been postponing it. I wonder when I’ll do it! :thinking:
BTW, any news regarding smart component capabilities in corners and caps? :slight_smile:

The crash is still happening in Version 2.5b (1122)

I fixed it just after I uploaded 1122.

oh ok! :+1: