Crash when pasting paths with corner/cap components


Glyphs crashes every time I try to paste a path with corner or cap components into another glyph. I’m using Glyphs 3.2 (3225); first on macOS Ventura (13.6) and now on Sonoma (14.1) – the problem persists.
Apparently the problem only has to do with this file that I’m working on, I could not reproduce the behavior in a new file. The file was created before I updated to the latest cutting edge version.

Is anyone else experiencing problems with older files in the new cutting edge version?

Could you send me that file?


I have the same problem here. Even in a new file, creating a new corner component and a new glyph, Glyphs crashes when copy/pasting the character.

I’m on MacOS Catalina 10.15.7 and Glyphs 3225.

I am having the same issue [3225] when I remove the components I sometimes can paste an element but not a combination of elements. This occurs now in 3 previously created files.

I will try two other things: “save as” the older file new name. Create a new file and see if the same happens.

New file: same crash with either a component or a segment. Also cannot copy/paste 2 primitives.

Mac OS Sonoma 16 gb ram

Fixed it. Thanks for the file.

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Same as typeglyph. If remove elements it’s sometimes OK, but mainly crashes.

The fix was released in the latest beta a few hours ago. Ensure you are up-to-date (Glyphs version 3.2, 3226).


Thank you, Georg!

Thank you! Quick, as always!