Crashes with Version 2.4.2 (1004)

Having updated to to Version 2.4.1; I’m experiencing crashes when trying to change “info for Selection” parameters …
It kept crashing after updating to Version 2.4.2 (1004).
The App crashes also when clicking on “Update Glyphs Info” menu.
Those crashes are not happening with other files … so it seems a problem with my file.

I can’t add new glyphs to my font, the app crash and close immediately.
I presume that is a bug, this file was saved with latest cutting edge.
I tried with others and I can do it.
I sent the report.

Yes, please send the reports. The ones with the Glyphs logo:

I sent my report.
How can I download the cutting edge 1000?

I’ll have a look.
To download the previous version:

Sudden crashes with other files I’ve been testing raise the suspicion of a problem related to nested components;
The following functions all caused crashes:

  • Update Glyphs Info
  • Rename a Glyph
  • Info for Selection

@Avantino, I tried two of the items you listed and don’t have any crashes. The last item, “Info for Selection”, I’m not familiar with unless you are referring to right-clicking on a selection to get info. Build 1004 seems to be just fine to me.

Thanks Georg!
The file is right now, but I don’t know what happened, “the mysteries of digital age”.

It is a submenu that can be accessed under Edit menu;
Active only on “Font” tab

Dear Georg
It is a magic ! … the update to version 1005 has saved me plenty of reproduction hours of my font.

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