Create an Outline font from "Shape"


A new idea came to me across.
When I make a super hairline thin font it’s more easy-er to create it from just a “stroke”.
So it’s there a script or something, that I can use to create an Outline from a shape?

I know… it sounds confusing… but I made an illustration n, of what I mean.
The hairline stroke from in the middle of the O, is calculated from the inner and outer shape…

Have you tried using the Offset Curve filter?

You mean you like to get a skeleton path?

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Yes! That’s what I meant. :slight_smile:

Okay… now I figured out the method how could that work. :sweat_smile:

  1. So. I made an ugly “e”.

  2. I cut the short edges out, so I got 2 lines

  3. I added one to the background (cmd+J)

  4. aaaand NOW it’s possible to interpolate the 2 Backgrounds.

  5. Sure! The result looks really funny :sweat_smile:
    (but I guess that’s just because the different amount of the nodes)

Yeah… it works well with the same amount of nodes!

I need the same. And, this should be achieved by a plugin or script.

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Yeah… that would be awesome. Sadly I’m new with scripting… but I’m on it.