Create Composite leaves mess behind

I’m surprised I haven’t noticed this before. If I use Glyph > Create Composite on a glyph that currently has paths, it clears the paths but leaves behind all the other junk. Maybe it’s intentional but I can’t imagine why anyone would want to keep the anchors and disconnected caps/corners? I would prefer if those were removed too, like the paths.

Which build number of Glyphs are you using? 3246?

I get this all the time too. Since a few versions, but also 3246.

I forgot to mention, this is on the latest stable (3151). But I’m also seeing the same issue in 3246.

I can’t reproduce this. Can you send me a font where that happens?

I can reproduce it in a new file with 3 glyphs (1 letter, 1 mark, 1 precomposed).

create-composite-test.glyphs (2.6 KB)

Open the icircumflex glyph in the above test file:

Then select Glyph > Create Composite, which will give you this result:

Are you sure you can reproduce it in the latest cutting edge version?

Yes, I can reproduce it in 3246. Now it cleans up the hints/corners but not anchors.

The anchors were never removed.

Yes. The anchors should be removed, right? You’re rebuilding the glyph essentially, so I wouldn’t expect any remnants to be preserved from the previous glyph.

Yes. I’ll fix that.

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