Create editable Character Set overview in InDesign with vertical alignment

Know this isn’t a GlyphsApp question, but most here are designers and know there way in Adobe and type design.

I would like to create editable Character Set overview in InDesign with a perfectly vertical alignment like you see in Glyphs and FontExplorer for example:

Sorting it with CID /GID, unicode or own setting. There is a script/plugin for InDesign that creates a contactsheet from all the glyphs or the one you want → Contactsheet InDesign. It creates spacebar space between the glyphs and you can align the text like you normally do in InDesign: center, left, fill out etc. It works like a charm, but what i miss is the option to perfectly align all the characters vertically, like a grid. Of course you can do this in InDesign manually: character for character, but it is really intensive and not really workable and editable if you have 600 characters for example. Anyone have a trick to do this?

What do you mean by ‘vertical alignment’?

Thanks for your help. I mean that all characters are aligned like that are in a boxed grid with or without the lines, like working in Glyphs, but maintain edit-ability in InDesign. Creating a table for example is very intensive to work with if you want to make a change in size, flow etc.

How about printing from the Font View? That gives you a PDF.

Yes i know that feature, but it isn’t editable, text flowing, sizing etc. I will use font contactsheet script for now comes closest. Would be great to have that feature.

That could be a drawbot script or simply a smart InDesign setup. If you don’t like tables, you can do it with tab stops.

And you can export a PDF from the print dialog and edit it in AI.

I have a script that gives you InDesign tagged text from a Glyphs file. I have just added tabbed version, which you can convert to tables in InDesign if you want to.

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Nice going take look into that! Thanks mate.

I like to work with InDesign tables in most situations, but those tabs stops are much more workable. Thanks mate!

Tabs can be converted to tables, so I think tabbed text is a better source. Only downside of this tagged text is that everything is in glyph ID internally.

I use now the font contactsheet script > auto replace space > with tabs > convert > into tables (make sure to brake at the right point)… Best workflow for this so far works great. Thanks again everyone.