Create font from handwriting

I am interested in creating a font from my own handwriting, and I was wondering whether there was an easy way to do this with Glyphs. Is there any way of scanning letters in and vectorising them, or can anyone recommend an alternative program to do this with?

You split up the scan into little fragments for each glyph, and name them after your glyph, e.g., aacute.jpeg and so on. Then you import them all into your .glyphs file at once. There is a section in the handbook about images. You can batch manipulate the scale of the placed scans with the Images scripts from my GitHub repository. Keep your images in a subfolder next to your font file, because only the relative path is stored in the file.

Then you can either turn the scans into vectors, with Georg’s Trace plugin:

Or you can draw the skeleton path, and have it expanded automatically. This is known as the ‘monoline’ method. There is a tutorial about that in the Tutorials section.