Creating a dotted typeface


I’ve started on a type family that also includes a dotted style to help children write in schools. I have the basic characters for the lighter weights designed and I need to make quick prototypes of the dotted font for testing and field work. Are there any scripts that would help me do this. A script or an extension that can help me control the sizes of and distances between the dots. I’m also looking for a way to vary the dot sizes based on its position on the verticals or the horizontals or at the joineries. I don’t expect a ready font, but at least a base template to later tweak and make optical corrections. Right now I am painstakingly measuring and placing each dot on a path and I highly doubt it is the most efficient way to do this.

Thank you

This can be automated but it is quite tricky to get right. Can you show a screenshot how it should look?

In my repo, there is a script called Stitcher that places components along a path. You could build a _dot glyph, draw your letters with open paths and run Stitcher on those letters.

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I have inboxed you a screenshot of the design Maybe that should make my objective clearer.
Thank you for the swift reply!