Creating a new Master from an interpolated instace

Hi everyone, I’m working in a project with extreme weights, I hade to make a lot of adjustment on the “regular” weight, and I’m doing with brace layers. Now I think I should do some metrics adjustments, and that is more complicated. Is the best way to do that exporting the instance and bring it back as a master and then delete the brace layers compatible for that master? or is there a better way? What information will I loose doing this? Kernings will be preserved?

@diego_maldonado I’m not sure what the best approach for this is, but this topic reminded me of a potential feature that could simplfy the process. Here goes…

The “plus” icon at the bottom/left of the Masters tab has three options for adding a new master: Add Master, Add Other Font, and Duplicate Selected. Perhaps a fourth option “Add From Instance” could be integrated, allowing users to add a new master from a specified instance. Essentially the same output as “Generate Instances” except the new instance would be inserted as a Master automatically, instead of a in new font window.

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Yes @Glypher, that would be the perfect scenario for me right now

You could try File > Generate Instances, then add the font as master in Font Info > Masters.

Would it be possible to simply set up the new master and re-interpolate the whole master?

Should be easy to script, there is a GSLayer.reinterpolate() method.