Creating a new Project from an existing File crashes

See title. Latest Glyphs 3 (3068).

Tried various files that were created in both G2 and G3, always crashes.

Please send all the crash reports.

I‘ve just sent both the Apple Crash dialog (via email to support at glyphsapp dot com) and the internal Glyphs crash dialog as well. Hopefully it will help.

If I create a File > New Project and select any file (for instance the Keep Glyphs Test.glyphs from "Keep Glyphs" parameter stripping CC on export - #3 by chrisjansky), I cannot remove/add/refresh instances.

Glyphs 3071

I known about the remove instances problem. I’m working on it.

Still crashes in the latest (3075) when I try to create a new Project from File.

Do you want me to send you the file?

Yes. Please send the file.

Somewhat relevant: if I copy an instance from a .glyphsproject file into File > Exports, it crashes. Sending a test file below.

It perhaps has to do with defined axes (that are not present in the .glyphprojectfile) or the custom parameters referencing non-existent glyphs in the Font File, but I am leaving them intentionally behind to simulate the crash.

Copy Instance (9.0 KB)