Creating a Script font from Ipad Pro and Import it to Glyphs

Hello guys,


I just purchased Glyphs and I am planning to initiate designing scripts initially on the iPad Pro and then export them to Glyphs to tweak them.

Has anyone already done it ? If yes, could anyone go on through the process of importing and editing in the software from Procreate to Glyphs?

Thanks in advance.

There are several options:

  • you can use Procreate drawings as background images, best through the universal clipboard: in this case you would do all vector editing inside glyphs on the Mac
  • if you have a way to produce actual vectors, you should be able to paste them as well; though we may need to adapt the clipboard handling inside (let us know)
  • and there are solutions like AstroPad, which turns the iPad into a Mac input device, and you could use your iPad pen with the Glyphs pencil tool: the vectors may need a lot of cleaning up afterwards

Thanks for your response.

I am very unfamiliar with how the software works (Glyphs). There is a lot to learn about the latter.

I can use Adobe Illustrator as I come from a graphic design background. Maybe I can draw them on Procreate, one letter after the other, then export them to illustrator, vectorize and eventually import them to Glyphs? Does that make sense?

That works, yes.

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