Creating a single line Tibetan (unicode) font

Dear Glyph experts,

as I am currently trying to design a Tibetan single line font for laser engraving (has to be VERY small, this is why contour/fill is difficult), I wonder if I am approaching this correctly.

I know all the problems down the line (no standard single line / open paths format for fonts etc.), so let’s assume this were solved and I “just” wanted to draw the font.

currently I created a second master, where I copy the outline font and draw the center line.
Do I have to add special points (anker points or something else) to make the glyph work, or is what I did ok?

I can show two pics, first the original glyph, secondly the “single line” version.
Please tell me if there is something missing…

Of course my approach is clumsy, as it consists of straight lines and points only, but as it is being lasered VERY small, nobody will see the difference between this and splines I would guess.
Output to the graphics program would then be Drawbot plugin (still needs to be solved)…


First, it would probably help if you try to use curves.

You could use smart components reduce the number of glyphs you have to draw manually. A lot glyphs can be made by stacking two or three smaller versions of the glyph. But that is not too important as you can just scale the single line drawings.

Thank you,

I will try looking at curves - I was not sure if the learning curve of this would be quick enough to get me going.
I will also look at resizing.