Creating an Inline Font

I’ve slightly modified an existing font and then created an inline version of it in Illustrator. Right now, I have the filled version saved as the “Regular” layer and the inline version saved as the “Light” layer in Glyphs. When I Export the font, only the Regular version is exported. What would be the best way to fix this? Ideally I’d also like to have the versions called either “Filled” or “Inline,” instead of just sticking them into the “Regular” and “Light” layers. Thanks.

  1. I would not recommend putting two incompatible masters in one file.

  2. Outline or inline? You can make an outlined version with a Custom Parameter. Then you only need one Master, but can make two Instances. Copy and paste this into File > Font Info > Instances > [name of your outlined instance] > Custom Parameters:
    Filter = “GlyphsFilterOffsetCurve;5;5;1;0.5”;

  3. The style name of each individual instance is set in the Instances tab of the Font Info.

If you need to have both layers in ine font, you need to give the masters different weight and width vales and add two instances with the same vales.

I hope you’ve the rights on the “existing font” you’re modifying, or it’s in public domain or SIL license :wink: